Test cases

Add a test case:
Note: test cases are stored as a single comment in the file that is currently opened.

Welcome to the cTM IDE, written by Tobias Sijtsma. This program has four main screens. I will go over them.

The first screen is the Editor. In this screen, you can edit your program. You can also save and recall files from the file browser. These files are only available in cTM IDE. To access the file browser, click the middle icon in the menu when the Editor screen is visible. To save, press the right icon, and to create a new file, press the left one. You can import and export by simply copying the program into or out of the Editor.

The Emulator can execute your program. Just give it an input and you are able to go through the program step by step. The tape is visualized. The Re-initialize button resets the tape to its initial position, and allows you to step through the program again. The Run button will execute the whole program in one go.

Test cases can automate testing for you. Just add an input value, and an expected output value, and add the test. You can run all tests at once or individually. Test cases are stored inside of your file as a comment at the very top of the file. Do not edit this comment manually!

Validate your program on the Validate screen. It will tell you the specifics of your program and what might be wrong with it.

About files: your files will persist as long as you do not clear your browser data. Your browser's local storage capability is used to store your files.

About input: spaces are interpreted as blanks.